Wildflower planting supports a range of beneficial insects, not only bees

28.06.2017 By: European Commission DG Environment

Assessment (ERA), each with different goals. The researchers find that overlaps between the three assessments could be combined to create a more comprehensive form of ERA, usable by regulators and environmental decision makers. A study of wildflower planting within agri-environment schemes has demonstrated that the practice can support a diverse array of economically beneficial insect species, not just prominent pollinators such as wild bees and hoverflies. The study demonstrates the high conservation potential of wildflower planting within agricultural landscapes and the value of insects outside the traditional focus of conservation efforts.

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Source: Grass, I., Albrecht, J., Jauker, F., Diekötter, T., Warzecha, D., Wolters, V., & Farwig, N. (2016). Much more than bees—Wildflower plantings support highly diverse flower-visitor communities from complex to structurally simple agricultural landscapes. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. 225: 45-53.