Seeds - The Battle for Sustainable Agriculture

30.09.2015 By: Marcello Cappellazzi, Revolve

A key challenge in the quest for a more sustainable future is in the way we produce food. Even though food production is inherently complex and diversified across the globe, its sources have narrowed over time.

The exponential diffusion of modern and highly uniform commercial varieties of seeds has reduced our food supply´s source to a mere 120 species of cultivated plants. This has not been a natural process of agircultural specialization, but rather  the result of an economic and political agenda pushed forward since the 1960s. Referred to also as the Geen Revolution this political agenda comprises the promotion of an evolving set of agricultural practices and technologies applied to increase yields and boost production, especially through the combination of improved hybrid or genetically-modified organisms (GMO) seeds, agro-chemicals and infrastructual investments.


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Author: Marcello Cappellazzi (REVOLVE MAGAZINE, winter 2014/2015)