Viveros Fuenteamarga

Viveros Fuenteamarga is one of Spain’s biggest suppliers of seedlings and saplings, with a production of 6.5 million plants per year and more than 140 species. They have a strong expertise in plant and forest restoration and are pioneers in the study and control of forest diseases.

The company is renowned for its high quality seedlings and saplings; they use a traceability system for their seeds, always use autoctonous species and have a long tradition of growing drought resistent plants. Currently, production is mainly delivered to clients active in forest restoration, environmental restoration, civil works, restoration of closed landfill sites and former mines, as well as for commercial timber and biomass plantations, and green filters..

Viveros Fuenteamarga makes use of its own laboratory not only to control its internal production processes, but also to further research and develop radical root mycorrhization and the growth of Ectomycorrhizal fungi.


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