Plant Health Cure

Plant Health Care (formerly Plant Health Care) or PHC is a leading provider of naturally-based products such as mycorrhizae and natural fertilisers for agriculture, commercial landscaping, forestry and land reclamation industries. PHC has a global reach through operating subsidiaries and supply and distribution agreements with major agrochemical and green industry partners.

PHC offers biologically based products to improve the health, vigour, and yield of major field crops such as corn, soybeans, cotton, rice, and tobacco, as well as specialty crops such as fruits, vegetables and citrus.

Many of these products help trigger growth and self-defence mechanisms within the plants, stimulating more robust plant health and fruiting, which increases yield.

PHC also provides a variety of specialised micronutrient formulations, soil amendments, and inoculants featuring beneficial rhizobacteria for specialty crops. Some of these fertility products include Harpin Protein to improve plant health and vigour, while others contains mycorrhizal fungi in addition to beneficial soil nutrients and microbes.

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