Fundació Catalunya - La Pedrera

The Catalonia - La Pedrera Foundation has accepted the challenge of reinventing proposals for solidarity and contribute to social change. The Fundació Catalunya - La Pedrera was born on 1 January 2013 to respond to a new social reality, and do so with a new vision. Our environment is changing, seeing an emergence of new social consciousness and new needs and ambitions. So they reinvented themselves without losing the essence of who they are: a foundation that focuses on ethics and innovation, which believes in the proximity and dynamism, and which wants to realize transformations by committed actions to the region and its people.This means that they want to do things differently, but above all, making them differently, and at the same time ensuring that they are also a financially sustainable entity.

They are a new organization and we want to be unique. They serve a country, which is unique for its rich natural heritage, the creativity of their culture, and for the generosity and solidarity of its people. Their mission is to work proactively for the development and social transformation of Catalonia, placing themselves next to those who need them, to entrepreneurs, to those who work for the future, those who create new ideas.

The building of La Pedrera, declared World Heritage by UNESCO, is the seat and headlight Foundation. On the Paseo de Gracia, it illuminates the five major areas:

  • Social Promotion
  • Culture
  • Territory and environment
  • Knowledge and research
  • Feeding

But the transforming actions of the Foundation extend intensively throughout the country. For example, our cultural and environmental equipment Món Sant Benet, Món Natura Natura Món Pirineus or Delta. But we manage social spaces as well, like Network health centers, or in natural areas.

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