Forestry Service Group

FSG is a consultancy company dedicated to help protect the world's remaining forests, natural areas and larger biological and climatic systems from further degradation, and to promote sustainable livelihood and business development across the world.

As a group of professionals with a background in natural resource management (NRM) and international development, the Forestry Service Group was established in 1995. FSG has since served as a collective consulting platform for supporting profit- and non-profit organizations in the South and North toward improved sustainability of natural resource-based commodity chains. They have worked in 103 different projects in 41 countries up till this year.

FSG likes to see its integral vision on Sustainable Resource Management being applied on Natural Resource-based international development and trade. This will lead to a kind of development where local interests meet global concerns, global interests meet local needs and vice versa. Indeed, it’s about seeking local-impact solutions to global challenges.

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