Beral Ingeniería

Beral Ingeniería S.L. is an agricultural consultancy working with agricultural engineers with over 25 years of experience in the field. Based in Zamora, most of its advisory activities are in Castilla y León. They are specialized in high value crops such as sugar beet and potatoes but also in new crops, such as Teff and biomass crops and trees. In addition, Beral advises on land reform and construction projects in the agricultural field. They work with both individual farmers as well as with cooperatives.

Beral has worked closely with international companies in the agribusiness (f.e. Blonk) in monitoring systems in the agri-food business to guarantee food safety and quality to multinational customers.

The objective of Beral is to develope a more profitable agricultural production in Spain by making use of a combination of modern and ancient technology, with respect for nature, avoiding chemical products and mono-cultivation and the promotion of "no till" agriculture.