Field visit, crop monitoring and soil sampling in zone C - San Mateo de Gállego

01.03.2017 By: UVA

On February 15, 2017, the team of University of Valladolid made a field visit to monitor crops and analyze the phenological status and to collect plant and soil samples.


After the field evaluation and subsequent laboratory examination of the plant samples taken this activity showed that the crops are in a phenological state appropriate to the time of year, very healthy and at an optimal state of development.

Regarding cereals four stages can be found on field and among all no lack in nutrient could be found.

Neither pest nor diseases were detected and therefore it can be said that sanitary condition on field is perfect. The rigors of winter shown no effect to the crop, allowing high yield forecast (logically according to the time of year we are in).

As for the cultivation of alfalfa it is to be said that the plant id somewhat more developed than expected for this time of year and, despite the rigors of winter and strong winds, Alfalfa has already sprouted. This observation suggest especially high potential for further development as also the root system is already very well developed. There is a risk that some late frost could affect the subsequent development of the plant.

Even though the sanitary condition is very good it would be convenient to apply a preventive treatment against cuca, worms and aphids in the middle of March.

Overall, both phenological and sanitary state are very good for to the time of year.