Field visit, crop monitoring, soil sampling and meeting of partners in Zona B Ayoó de Vidriales

02.03.2017 By: UVA

On February 24, 2017, the team of University of Valladolid visited the village of Congosta de Vidriales in the Zamorano municipality of Ayoó de Vidriales, zone B of the project.


In addition to monitoring and surveilling, a meeting was held in the field with Pedro L. Alonso, head of Beral, local partner of the project.

At this site three Zones A, B and C vegetated with low and irregular (A, C) to very low plant density (B). It is unknown whether the poor vegetation is due to a lack in seeding or high rate of decay. In zone A the presence of rabbits was noticed and therefore die die-off of grafts is likely. Furthermore among all zone the rate of weeds was very high.

Regarding the planting no differences were noticed yet, which is of no surprise due to the time of year and the therefore given vegetation stop.

In zone C and the experimental plot of Soto de Cerrato soil analysis was carried out.