Visit of Life 2010 Crops for better Soil partner Transati and farmers to Life 2011 project Operation CO2

27.05.2013 By: Transfer LBC

On Friday May 24th 2013 Pedro Luis Alonso, agronomist of Beral Ingeniería, partner in Life project Operation CO2 received together with Sofia Tostón and Ezequiel Prieto, the Mayor and Vice Mayor of Ayoó de Vidriales, the lead partner Transati of Life project ‘Crops for better Soil’, Mariano Saz together with 3 of the 4 farmers from the Zamora area. Pedro explains that on the 20 hectares in Ayoó there are now wheat and lupines sown in 2 different zones with different treatments of Planthealthcare products to improve soil fertility. This is also a demonstration project to reintroduce the Roman plow. This is a plow that works vertically in surface and that creates ridges on which the crops are sown. This improves water retention on the land and the oxidation of the soil. Pedro also explains that this is an Agro Forestry project so all kind of trees are going to be planted on the plot and on the sides.







Farmers Luis Alberto Garcia, Luis Mari Prieto and Victoriano Fernandez were impressed by the first conclusions of Pedro:
- Sofia and Ezequiel confirmed that this soil was completely dead during the last years; now they can’t believe what is growing on it with only very limited fertilization but using Planthealthcare products.
- The roots on the plots treated with Planthealthcare products are at least 10 – 15 cm deeper than the roots on the control plot.
- There is still a clear lack of nutrients available for the plants but this will have to improve during the next 3 years when the soil is restoring; Planthealthcare warned that this is a slow process that needs permanent monitoring which is assured by Pedro and his staff in Beral.







Egbert J. Sonneveld, coordinating agronomist in both Life 2010 and 2011 explains to Sofia and Ezequiel that the Life 2010 project ‘Crops for Better Soils’ has common objectives to ‘Operation CO2’ being demonstrating that by reducing and preferably eliminating all use of chemically synthesized fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, the health of the soil is improved considerably which is an asset for farmer, soil and environment. The partners of Life 2010 and Life 2011 will meet again in Madrid on June 6th and 7th at the Platform Meeting organized by the EC, Transati and Transfer together with the UPM (Agronomy University of the Polytechnic University in Madrid). They will meet with almost 20 other Life projects to share ideas and contacts like Transati and Beral did this day.