UVa participates in conference on agriculture and climate change in Valladolid

13.09.2017 By: UVa

The coordinator of the UVa group, ZACARÍAS CLÉRIGO PÉREZ, scientific coordinator of the project "LIFE OPERACIÓN CO2", was invited to the VIII JORNADAS SOBRE COOPERATIVISMO, organized by EL NORTE DE CASTILLA. This year the conference dealt with "THE ROLE OF AGRICULTURE ON CLIMATE CHANGE ", chaired by the Commissioner for Action for Climate and Energy, Miguel Arias Cañete.

The results of this project confirm the importance of good agricultural practices and the new technologies of AGROFORESTRY to fight effectively against climate change and for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the absorption of these by not only forest plantations but also herbaceous. It is very important that these results be taken into account in the next CAP 2020 review.

The team of UVa partner in LIFE Operation CO2 will continue to participate in these events to be able to disseminate the good results obtained, and also the team is in the process of publishing several scientific articles as part of the After LIFE actions.