Transfer LBC leads climate change workshop in Aragon

12.06.2015 By: Transfer LBC

Yesterday, Sven Kallen, director of Transfer LBC, was asked to lead a technical workshop on behalf of the Agroclima initiative by the Aragonese government. Case studies and new ideas were generated to improve the sustainability of the agro and food processing sector. Special attention was given to diminish emissions (increase energy efficiency and substitution by renewables) and search more actively for solutions where agricultural land can act as active carbon sinks. Some 30 key decision makers from different interest groups such as agricultural cooperatives, research institutes, trade unions, irrigation sector, pork production sector, etc. were united for an interesting exchange of experiences, opinions and proposals for concrete action.

In his presentation Sven Kallen showed how environmental innovation related programs, such as LIFE+, can create competitive advantage for its participants and that great dissemination results can be obtained that directly lead to new clients. The environmental challenges (and expected future, more stringent regulations) should therefore be welcomed and seen as an opportunity to move companies and institutions forward and incorporate new, more sustainable practices into their strategies and day to day operations. The examples of the LIFE+ Freshbox, LIFE+ Zero Residues, LIFE+ Crops for better soil and LIFE Operation CO2 project were used to illustrate these new opportunities for Aragonese participants.