Training workshops on organic agriculture and husbandry

12.03.2015 By: Transfer LBC

On 18 and 25 March, 18 and 29 April, and 13 and 20 May, the Provincial Council of Zamora organises a series of training sessions on organic agriculture and husbandry, green infrastructure and forestry.

The trainings will present alternatives and real solutions to intensive production and the impact on the environment that this entails. Some of the topics to be discussed are: green infrastructure, organic farming, plant health in organic horticulture and fruit farming, organic husbandry, forest management and truffle growing.

The trainings will be attended by Pedro Alonso, from Beral Ingeniería, technical coordinator of area B (Ayoó of Vidriales) of our project. In addition, Egbert Sonneveld, from Transati, the technical coordinator of the LIFE + “Crops for better soil(LIFE10 ENV/ES/471) project will also attend. These workshops constitute a great opportunity to exchange views and experiences and to disseminate the progress made in both projects.

For more information on dates, subjects taught and locations for each day, you can download the invitation by clicking this link.