Training course in Barcelona and Ayoó Vidriales

05.02.2013 By: Transfer LBC

On 4 and 5 February, all partners of the operation CO2 project met in Barcelona and Ayoó of Vidriales, to get a better understanding of the new concepts and strategies for obtaining carbon credits. Besides, the new technologies used for measurement of carbon emissions were outlined. The meeting was divided into two phases: one in Barcelona and one in Ayoó. The decision to have two different locations was based on the fact that each phase had different activities to be carried out in several areas of the project. 







The FSG's team was in charge of the training course on the 5th of February. During this course we developed a group workshop, in which all of the partners actively participated by asking questions. The objective of the course was to find strategies that arebest suited to each area. The implementation of this strategy will ultimately lead to a better carbon sequestration and provide a better market as well as higher carbon credits.