This year the Life Project will forest 25 acres in Ayoó

06.02.2013 By: La Opinión de Zamora

Yesterday all partners of Life Project "Operation CO2 "(Netherlands, England and Spain) held a training session at the City Hall of Vidriales Ayoó and objectives until the end of the agricultural year were set, including the selection of tree species that would be most profitable for the project.

The 25 acres that the City Council has given to "Operation CO2", could be planted with a variety of species in order to yield productive almond, pistachios, pine, arbutus, blackthorn and blueberries.

Yesterday, which began at nine o'clock and ended at eight o'clock, served for every specialist to inform their partners of the techniques used in the project, from the box for irrigation water, passing by mycorrhizae in the field, to the new certification system CO2. Finally, the most immediate policy aims to compare the evolution of the program were established. Hence, the field checks will be performed, will composite samples of soil and plants, and air fotogametría will be applied to compare the evolution of crops and CO2 capture. Especially the members of the Netherlands, praised the site for the project. The next meeting of "Operation CO2" will take place in San Mateo de Gallego, Monegros, on 4 and 5 March.