The Night of Investigators

04.11.2014 By: Transfer LBC

 The University of Valladolid is involved in the two projects ´´Green Deserts´´ and ´´Operation CO2"´´, financed by the LIFE+ programme. On September 26th, The University presented the objectives and preliminary results of both projects in the Museum of Science. 

The night of investigation, the dissemination of the project objectives and its outreach was a success, as well as the amount of visitors was surprising, as more than 2,300 people were present.

During the day various activities such as workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions, lectures and games in which visitors can be protagonists (´´investigators´´ for one night) were organized by researchers. In particular, during the interactive activity entitled ´´ The Waterboxx: an amazing invention´´ 50 people (children and adults in two shifts of 25 persons) participated. The activity was to explain how plants survive in desert areas and, the function of roots for the survival of the plant.