The FSG team visits the project areas for monitoring and control

28.10.2016 By: FSG

The last year of the project has started. That means a busy time and a good planning.  All the last measurements have to be taken, as well as final conclusions drafted. To start this process FSG visited all 3 project areas recently.

The main purpose of this visit was to lay the basis of the so called 'economic model'. Is the model as implemented in the field economical feasible?

More about these results later. But in mean time FSG was positively surprised about the healthy status of everything that grows! And an other surprise was that the first Almonds nuts can be seen, these trees start to produce already! See pictures. And besides that, while walking through the aromatics plantation in area C we almost trampled a ladder snake (Rhinechis scalaris). We were just noticing the beautiful snake in time, and it slowly went away. What about the biodiversity increase in our project site!?