Technical visit of the UVA to the zone of Ayoó Vidriales.

30.09.2016 By: ETSIIAA – UVA

On the 27th of September 2016, two member of the team of UVA, Ángel Fombellida and Luis F​ernando Sánchez, visited the parcels in the zone B in Congosta de Vidriales (Zamora) and reunited with Pedro Luis Alonso de Beral, partner who is responsible of the work in the zone B. The main purpose of the visit was to inspect the pits, previously made by Beral. Pedro reported that the 4 pits he made, had served to observe different developments of the roots depending on the treatment area. 

Another objective of the visit was to control the check the status of the trees after a though summer with high temperatures and without precipitation, factor causes yore, especially in young gerbils and chestnut trees. However, in purpose, the trees have held up well, it clearly shows that the trees have delved into the ground.