Technical seminar on soil recovery of abandoned areas- Video with subtitles

02.07.2014 By: Transfer LBC

Thanks to the cooperation of the ‘Operation CO2’ and the ‘Green Deserts’ projects a technical seminar on soil recovery of abandoned areas was organized. During the seminar both projects presented the preliminary results of their aims to transform abandoned areas into integral ecosystems.

The ‘Green Deserts’ project aims to reforest 63 hectares of arid land divided over five Spanish provinces. The ‘Operation CO2’ project aims to make agro-forestry practices economically viable in forests and abandoned agricultural areas in three Spanish provinces.

More than 100 people attended the event. Among the visitors were representatives from the companies involved in both projects as well as a group of Dutch agricultural and forestry experts. Also present were researches, students and teachers from the University of Valladolid.

Furthermore, several interviews were held that concerned the added value and relevance of the projects’ actions. The topics discussed during the interviews included the importance of the transmission of knowledge, the implementation of sustainable (agricultural) practices, the connection of environment and socio-economic matters and the sustainability of the action after the projects’ horizons.

Keywords: transmission of knowledge, sustainable economy, arid areas, climate change, abandoned areas, soil, agroforestry, biodiversity.

1. Zacarías Clérigo (University of Valladolid)- Coordinator of projects Operation CO2 and The Green Deserts
2. Salvador Hernández (University of Valladolid)- Technical monitoring of the Operation CO2 project
3. Sofía Tostón (Ayuntamiento de Ayoó de Vidriales)- Mayor
4. Iñigo Ortiz (ASTRALE GEIE IDOM)- LIFE+ Monitor
5.Sven Kallen (Transfer LBC)- Communication manager of both projects