Technical forest visit to learn about the LIFE Operation CO2 project

11.05.2016 By: Transfer LBC

On 29 April, 2016, 24 technicians, forest owners and staff of the Catalan forest administration visited the project area located in Muntanya d´Alinyà to learn the details about the implementation of the LIFE CO2 Operation project in the forest of Obaga de Colldéu and LIFE Pinassa project in the Bosc de Perles. The visit was integrated into the cycle of technical visits, organized every year by the Centre of Forest Propietat (CPF) under the name "Silvicultural techniques days Emili Garolera ".

The participants were especially interested to see the results on the ground of the clearcutting wood mass by using the PsO5 forestry management model which was created by Centre de la Propietat Forestal de Catalunya through the LIFE Demorgest project (LIFE12/ENV/ES/000730). The area at Obaga de Colldeu is the first case of application of this model and a good opportunity to discuss advantages and disadvantages as well as details and experience offered by attendees of the brigade which implemented it on the existing mass. Questions and recommendations reached an unusual technical detail and was an excellent opportunity for cross learning.

The group also visited the implementation area of action C4 for the conservation of the habitat of the black pine (LIFE13 NAT/ES/000724 Pinassa) at the Bosc de Perles. In this case, the applied ORGEST management model is the Pn02, also defined by the Centre de la Propietat Forestal through the LIFE project Demorgest.

For more information about the two other LIFE projects, visit their respective websites: y/o

The photos below show the group on their visit.

Photo 1: Welcoming of the participants at the Rectoría d’Alinyà.
Photo 2: Xavier Escuté member of the LIFE Operation CO2 project presents the area and the project.  
Photo 3: Visiting the Obaga de Colldéu once the first clearings are carried out by following the Orgest Ps05 model.
Photo 4: Juan Antonio Arévalo of the Integra Pirineus Foundation explains the details and the learning in the implementation related to this model on the pre-existing mass.
Photo 5: The participants visiting the area of Bosc de Perles, learning the details through Noemí Palero, member of the LIFE Pinassa project. 





















Below you can see the cover of the brochure with the cycle visits and detail of the page where the visit is presented and the LIFE projects implemented in Alinyà. To view the article you can click here.