Summer of Soil team visits Ayoo de Vidriales

15.10.2014 By: Transfer LBC

On October 14th Pieter Ploeg, Nakyta Grimm and Lyra Skusa from the Summer of Soil association visited the project site in Ayoó de Vidriales. Their association is now based in Sweden and they heard about the project through the documentary ‘Green Gold 2’ of VPRO Tegenlicht (TV show). They are on a study trip through Spain and Portugal visiting all kind of projects and locations where ecosystem restoration through proper soil usage is at stake.

Pedro Alonso and Egbert Sonneveld (Beral Ingeniería)explained the goals of the project and the instruments that are being used. Pedro showed pictures of how the fields have developed during the last 2 years and explained why we are so excited by the speed that the soil seems to react to the change of working the soil and the use of products with microorganisms and natural nutrients from Plant Health Cure (also partner of this project). Due to some heavy rain falls, the plot was difficult to enter but they got a good impression of what we are trying to achieve.

Summer of Soil is an association of agronomists and ecologists who, like us, have a growing concern for the misuse of soil in agriculture and forestry on all 5 continents. For this, they work closely together with John D. Liu and also Willem Ferwerda of the Commonland Foundation in the Netherlands. They are studying the possibility to move the headquarters of their association to Spain or Portugal since, in their opinion, the need for soil restoration is most urgent in this part of Europe. The idea is to create a centre of excellence with the possibility of research and training that will attract people from all over Europe both on a practical and scientific level. Mayor, Sofia Tostón of Ayoó de Vidriales and Mayor, Ezequiel Prieto of Congosta offered them their support and even buildings owned by the municipality if they decide to choose Ayoó for their ambitious plans.