Successful dissemination at van Akker naar Bos conference in the Netherlands

13.12.2016 By: Transfer Consultancy

Last week, Sven Kallen of Transfer, Pius Floris of PHC and Egbert Sonneveld of Beral, represented the LIFE Operation CO2 project at the “van Akker naar Bos” conference in Nijmegen (the Netherlands). This international conference is promoting regenerative agriculture practices in The Netherlands and beyond and had speakers from 6 countries and also visitors from Germany and Belgium.

LIFE Operation CO2 project had its own promotion table where project leaflets and LIFE reports on soil health were available. The morning had central presentations and in the afternoon the project team did 5 small interactive workshops with 4-6 participants each that rotated every 15 minutes through the main hall.

There was a lot of interest from the attendants, especially for the agroforestry part of Operation CO2 and the challenges to build soil and water retention capacity. Several interested participants will be invited to the final conference next year in Valladolid.