Successful completion of the project UNIZEO and networking day in Italy

06.04.2015 By: Transfer LBC

On March 27th 2015, the 'Life + UNIZEO (LIFE10 / ENV / ES / 347) celebrated its completion by demonstrating the applicability of urea coated zeolite which releases smaller amounts for nitrogen units per units of cultivated areas and a slow release of urea on demand of the plant. This is as a solution on pollution of groundwater and aquifers with nitrates and atmosphere with ammonia, due to the use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture.

The event was organized by the Consortium of UNIZEO, in order to present the results and conclusions of the project as well as to develop a Networking and Dissemination Day with other related LIFE projects.

Clicking here you can see the event invitation.

During the day different presentations were carried out, including the results of other projects as well as the presentation of innovative technologies and methodologies environmentally friendly which have a common interests: improving soil quality and yield.

Some of the projects that presented their findings at the event were:

Presentation - The Unizeo Project (Simone Salvetti - Minerali Industriali)
Presentation - Minerali Industriali (Eugenio Salvaia- Minerali Industriali). During his speech also explained other LIFE Projects in which currently is participating: SASIES LIFE10 ENV/IT/347 - FRELP LIFE12 ENV/IT/000904 - SANITSER LIFE12 ENV/IT/001095.
Presentation - Medilabor di Odore (Carlo Odore - Medilabor)
Presentation - Fertilizers: experimental product characteristics (Gianni Marchello - consultant Minerali Industriali).
Presentation - Agronomic design and preliminary results (Stefano Monaco - Departamento DISAFA Università di Torino); Massimo Mocioni – golf field expert)
Presentation - The 'Urelite': as a product for grass (Massimo Mocioni – consultant, professor and member of  l’Associazione Italian Golf)
Presentation - Field activities: land, crops, farms (Carlo Odore - Medilabor)
Presentation - Innovative techniques and traditional soil improvement and performance: examples from the project  LIFE ‘LIFE10/ENV/ES/471 Crops for Better Soil’ & ‘Operation CO2in Spain (Egbert Sonneveld – Agronomist)

See bellow some pictures of the event.

To see the original press release on the final conference of UNIZEO project, click here.