Students of the Master of the UAB visit the project in Muntanya d'Alinyà

19.05.2014 By: Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera

Within the program planned for the visit of students of the Master from the UAB to the project that the foundation is developing in Muntanya d'Alinyà, a presentation of the LIFE + CO2 Operation project was included as well as an explanation on the pilot field for carbon sequestration.

Even though the subject is complex, the students knew about the agreement signed in Kyoto and the international market for emission credits which made for an interactive and engaged discussion. It became clear that the certification process is very complex and that this is an innovative and demonstrative project that seeks to confirm the hypothesis that it is possible to certify carbon sequestration projects in Europe, as in other parts of the world. During the visit, expressions of interest were repeated regarding technical details and the results at the end of the project.

The added value of the work of planting and subseqüent maintenance was also highlighted. This work is carried out by the Centro Especial de Trabajo Integra Pirineus who is seeking social and labor integration from people in situation or at risk of social exclusion, especially people with mental disabilities and mental illness in the district of Alt Urgell.

In total, the group included 22 students from countries such as Egypt, Germany, Peru, Italy and Spain, and 5 teachers of the Master.

In the photos below you can see the group of students from the MSc of Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Photo 1: Visiting the planting area of aromatic species.









Photo 2: The group walking to the planting areas of apples, still in a process of planting. In the foreground, one of the drivers teachers of the masters program, Dr. Louis Lemkov









Photo 3: The group during the visit in the midst of discussions. In the middle, Dr. Martí Boada, one of the drivers teachers of the masters program