Sharing interests between projects in Wageningen

14.05.2014 By: Transati and Transfer

DLV Plant, a Dutch agricultural consultancy firm in Wageningen in the Netherlands, showed interest in the LIFE+ projects “Crops for Better Soil” ENV/ES/471 and “Operation CO2” ENV/ES/535. Both projects aims to improve soil quality in arid and abandoned areas by using different forest and agricultural techniques.

The company Beral Ingenierias, partner in Life project “Operation CO2” and the company Transati, technical coordinator in Life project “Crops for better Soil” were received by Jacob Dogterom who is a board member of DLV Plant. Jacob explained how DLV since 20 years was transformed from a public agriculture and animal farming company managed by the Ministry of Agriculture into a privately owned company. So the company DLV Plant is participating in various activities among them agricultural and forestry.

Egbert Sonneveld, involved in both projects, explained the complicated situation of dry land farmers in Spain and the search with simple tools to improve income sources for farmers with less EU subsidies and at the same time keep the countryside green.

Themes that are of particular interest in LIFE projects aforementioned and and are in line with environmental topics in Spain are the use of:

- conservation farming techniques (vertical ploughing and crop rotation),
- soil fertility improvement with the use of mycorrhizal spores, beneficial bacteria for the soil and organic fertilizers
- maximum aeration of the soil by sowing on farrows

DLV Plant is very interested in the results of the two projects and would like to participate in new EU LIFE+ and Horizon 2020 proposals since they have experts on board who are active on all 5 continents at a practical and scientific level. Jacob confirms the ongoing search to decrease the use of chemical fertilisers in agriculture and forestry and consequently a decrease in pesticides.  

Below a picture of the meeting between Jacob Dogterom (right) and Egbert Sonneveld.