7th SCM and Monitoring Meeting held in Valladolid

14.05.2015 By: Transfer LBC

On the morning of May 12th, the partners of the Operation CO2 project met at the facilities of the Universidad de Valladolid for the seventh Steering Committee Meeting and third Monitoring visit with the designated Monitor in charge of supervising the progress of the project as an intermediary of the European Commission.

The partners gave different presentations explaining the details of the latest actions currently being implemented in the three experimental areas of the project: Area A- L’ Muntanya de Alinyà, Area B- Ayoó de Vidriales and Area C- San Mateo de Gállego. The progress and experiences held for each action were discussed, as well as the different communication and local awareness-raising efforts carried out in the last few months. Finally, the financial and administration details were also dealt with.

During the afternoon, partners took advantage of the day to carry out the seventh Steering Committee Meeting where the upcoming actions were coordinated. Additionally, many different variables that have both negatively and positively affected the development of specific tasks were analysed in order to find solutions for smooth progress and continuation of the project.