Third official meeting in San Mateo

07.03.2013 By: Transfer LBC

All partners of the Life+-project Operation CO2 (Spain and Netherlands) met last Tuesday (05/03/2013) in San Mateo de Gallego to share their experiences in the project and to discuss the results obtained so far. Furthermore, the new performance objectives were set for 2013.












The steering committing began at 9 am with the presentations of several specialists to inform all partners of the preliminary results of the actions. These actions were started in 2012, in the three regions Catalonia, Castilla y Leon and Aragon, in Spain. On one hand, the project aims to conserve and manage forests and carbon sequestration. And on the other hand it provides integrated agroforestry practices, with new technically and economically viable methods.

During the presentations, we have discussed the development of the activities in each region and we analyzed the different variables were allocated to the activities and which affected the development of the actions.

Furthermore, we had a guest speaker from tthe company MEDUSA, which is a member of the LIFE + traditional crops.  MEDUSA explained the usage of technology to analyze soil. Besides this, they shared some preliminary results of soil tests that have been observed in areas near our research area. Furthermore, we are exploring the possibility of establishing a cooperation between these two projects life.

During the morning we also addressed some financial issues of the project. This mainly consisted of questions and recommendations made by the Auditor of the European Commission responsible for the LIFE + program. 


















At the afternoon there was a visit to one of the fields in San Mateo. The fields of San Mateo show an excellent green housing development of the plants, which were seeded in November. Furthermore, we took some time for the inauguration of Area-C in San Mateo. We have revealed the advertisement board (notice board) for Operation Project CO2.

Furthermore, we have discussed the technical activities that need to be carried out during 2013. Among them are the agroforestry programs and the carbon management plan. At the end of the day we set the immediate objectives in order to compare the performance and progress of the program in the future.