Productive technical meeting in Holland

10.10.2013 By: Transfer LBC

Continuing with the various points raised during the technical meeting in Palencia last week, the teams of Beral, FSG and PHC, have taken up the outstanding issues.

They reviewed the data to be included in the reports that are being developed on the actions performed in zones B & C. Among them, promising preliminary results are being obtained after the first harvest in Zone B (Ayoó). Also there have been positive results on root development analyses that have been conducted and are suggested to be made soon in Area C (San Mateo). The importance of those analyses is that over time, it can be shown that what is good for the soil and the roots is also good for the carbon fixation; because the soil is the largest carbon sink in the project.

It is worth to mention that all project partners are preparing to discuss the reports and that the preliminary results will be shared during the next official meeting to be held at the end of November in Catalonia.