Pleasant collaboration in analysis of mycorrhizae presence

06.03.2015 By: Edena

Before the summer 2014 harvest of the herbaceous crops grown in the plots of San Mateo de Gállego (Zone C of the project), Alternativas Edena sent root samples to the Centro de Investigación y Experimentación en Truficultura (based in Graus, Huesca). These samples were analyzed thanks to the collaboration of Ing. Eva Gómez, an agronomist from the centre, who was able to determine the presence or absence of mycorrhizae in the crops of the farm, through the Dalpé & Séguin modified staining method.

We would like to thank the centre for their collaboration and excellent quality in their work.

A map of the areas of cultivation in San Mateo de Gállego as well as pictures of the dyed root samples can be found below.