PHC disseminates Life Operation CO2 results during its exhibitions of the 2015 - 2016 campaign

28.10.2015 By: PHC

At the annual sales meeting on Friday October 23rd, all PHC sales people and office staff were instructed to include videos, Power Point presentations and other Life promotional material in all the exhibitions they are participating in. PHC travels to many countries around the world, such as: China,  Saudi Arabia and many other places where the amazing videos consisting of results and interviews concerning our excited project partners are shown .

All primary producers, agronomists, scientist and other stakeholder visiting the PHC booth or presentations are and will be faced with the Operation CO2 project. Project partner Transfer LBC, responsible for dissemination and promotion of the project,  will help PHC to make some suitable promotion material. In the very near future some new videos made with a.o. drones are foreseen as well.

Both Transfer and PHC consider it extremely important to have enough staff available for the remaining part of the project, mainly because this is a very important activity in this Life demonstration project.

​Dissemination results by PHC