PHC disseminates the positive results of the College Tour

30.03.2015 By: Transfer LBC

Plant Health Cure organized the PHC College Tour on 9 locations in Belgium and The Netherlands. This was organized in the light of the current “International year of the soil” since PHC wanted to contribute its part to this important event. Every day that the College Tour was held, there were between 15 and 35 attendants. In total, over 250 people visited it. During every one of these 9 days, the LIFE project was discussed and a video with Pedro Alonso from Beral Ingeniería was shown.  Lots of interviews were given and articles written covering the College Tour. Some of them gave attention specifically to the LIFE project.

Pius Floris, Director of PHC, and his two technical sales persons Ron Ottenhof and Marcel de Jong always refer to the situation in Spain when it comes to ecosystem restoration and even to the optimization of the yield and the costs of productions on fertile land with irrigation.

Pius gives about 80 lectures per year for the agricultural community throughout Netherlands, Germany, England, Belgium and of course Spain. With every single lecture the starter is the LIFE project. It shows what no one sees as possible can change in better agricultural perspectives.

The technology to change virtually dead soil as a result of decades of over fertilizing and overusing of pesticides in the past, to a fully fertile and productive soil is unprecedented in the world. What PHC and their partners were able to already realize in two years time in this project makes every member of the team proud.

Keep watching the news page of this project. Regularly reference will now be made to publications on the subject. Pius Floris hopes to repeat the very well attended presentation he gave on Biocultura in Madrid.

Below you can see some pictures of the tour.