Performing test pits in Ayoó de Vidriales after the harvest of 2015-2016

24.10.2016 By: Transfer Consultancy

Completion the cereal harvest in the area of ayoó de vidriales Zamora, corresponding to the area B of the project Life 11 – Operation CO2. Pedro Luis Alonso, agronomist of Beral engineering and technical responsible for the area, proceeded to carry out a series of pits (trenches of 2 meter deep) in each of the zones (A, B and C) of the plot.

Each area has received a different treatment, working with or without mycorrhizae and BioVin, and the application of different products that increase vigor of the plants (PHC products). The purpose of this action was to study and observation of how different treatments can affect the depth and spread of the roots in the ground.

Thus, on 24 and 25 August, Pedro and Marisa Ganía (Transfer) proceeded to wash, measure, photograph and collect data in each of the pits. The results were astounding.

It was noted that after a thorough washing of the walls of the pit the proliferation of roots were increased in areas where they applied higher proportion of mycorrhizae and BioVin, moreover, presence of roots were found even in deeper area where there wasn't any application.

This fits with the returns obtained this campaign in each of the areas. Being higher in zone A, followed by zone B and finally zone C.