Partners from the LIFE Crops for Better Soil project visit our site in Aragón

26.05.2015 By: Transfer LBC

Last Wednesday, May 20th, members from Transati and UPM, partners of the LIFE Crops for Better Soils project (LIFE10 ENV/ES/471) visited the Operation CO2 plots in San Mateo de Gallego, fulfilling an exhilarating day of cooperation between LIFE+ projects.

Kathy Franco, from Transfer LBC, explained that the project plots are maintained under agroforestry and agro-organic principles. She also showed how the design of the cultivation plan took a selection of commercial-value species into account, as well as assuring that they were species native to Spain and capable of adapting to the appropriate climate, soil and minimal water availability.

The visitors were also shown how many different monitoring tests are being carried out in order to evaluate the development of the plants, the radicular area and the improvement of soil. With this in mind, the plot has been divided into 3 zareas according to the proportion of treatment application (with Mycorrhiza and Biovin). The zones are C1- 100% mycorrhiza and other products, C2- 50% and C3- 0%. 2 other separate control areas are also maintained.

The members from Transati were surprised by the strong development of trees and the textures of the soil from the 3 zones, since traditionally, this area is known for its arid character given the vicinity of the Monegros desert. During the visit, the growth of the first almond trees.

Professor Juan Pablo del Monte (UPM) mentioned that the tests being carried out in the Masegoso farm with the use of mycorrhiza in plots of the Crops for Better Soils project will be analyzed soon, although they already show an improvement in the radicular development of the plants.

The topics discussed during the visit included quality and improvement of dryland and rotational cultivation, experiences with different tilling methods, measures to solve soil compactation and the improvement in the production of agro-organic plots.