Optimal reception of the project by the sub-delegation of the Government of Zamora

05.09.2013 By: UVA

On Thursday, September 5, the mayor of Ayoó de Vidriales, Sofía Tostón, led the meeting with the UVA research team, headed by the Operation CO2 project leader, Zacarías Clerigo and Mrs. Clara Isabel San Damián Hernández (Sub-delegate of the Government of Zamora, photo).









The meeting took place in a very pleasant sphere despite the few hours the Sub-delegate was able to rest because of a forest fire that occurred the night before, which obliged the government to evacuate 47 rural neighbors by the danger the fire could move toward the town. (Click here to see more about the forest fire)

During the meeting, the Sub-delegate expressed great interest in the "Operation CO2 LIFE Project", giving us all her institutional support and opening the possibility to develop this experience in other similar regions of Zamora or any other territory.

We were asked to supply her with information about the evolution of the project throughout the years and hopefully the new ¨PAC¨ will make it possible to develop these types of projects.