Operation CO2 in documentary 'Green Gold 2' of Dutch VPRO Tegenlicht

15.02.2016 By: Transfer LBC

Operation CO2 is mentioned in the documentary 'Green Gold 2- Reverdeciendo el Planeta' by the TV program  VPRO Tegenlicht.

Green Gold 2 has visited several restoration projects around the world. For example the restoration project in China by Dr. John D. Liu,  a project about organic farming in  Egypt, a reforestation project in India and our Agroforestry project - Operation CO2 in Spain. The documentary is commented by Willem Ferwerda of Commonland Foundation (The Netherlands)

Here, you can see part of the documentary where Pedro Luis Alonso (Beral Ingeniería), thecnical coordinator is interviewed in our fields atAyoó de Vidriales (Zamora, España).

Below you can see the complete documentary (VPRO Backlight: Green Gold 2 - Reverdeciendo el Planeta - ES)