Operation C02 mentioned in a LIFE publication


Our project was mentioned in the latest publication from the European Commission, report which collected information on all the projects dedicated to the fight against climate change since 1999.


“An analysis of the LIFE project database indicates that there have been 242 projects that have produced positive climate change mitigation results. The 242 LIFE climate change mitigation projects represent a combined budget of €609 million, of which the European Commission has contributed some €261 million. The energy sector has the largest proportion of projects (120 in total, or 49%), followed by agriculture and forestry (19%) and transport (14%).”


The Operation C02 project fits into the agroforestry framework and receives a special mention by the Commission for its focus promoting nature conservation and carbon management. They show their support for our work on targeted forest and carbon actions and our strive to achieve a long-term improvement of carbon sequestering in natural forests.  

To see the references to our project (in PDF format), click here.

Download the entire article here.