Networking visit to Zamora area in summer

09.07.2015 By: Transfer LBC

PHC marketing – sales manager Marcel de Jong visited the sites of Life projects ‘Crops for Better Soil’ and ‘Operation CO2’ on July 2nd, in Zamora. He wanted to hear the explanations on site by Professor Juan Pablo del Monte, Professor Pedro Aguado and agronomist Pedro Alonso and share his experience in Belgium and the Netherlands.
On the ‘Crops for Better Soil’, plots soil samples were taken by the UPM since this is planned in year 4 of the project. Marcel was surprised about the hardness of the soil already so early in the summer. He realised that the crops are continuously challenged under these harsh conditions of shallow soils and lack of water, nutrients and soil biology. Pedro Alonso commented that the recovery of these poor soils could probably be speeded up by making use of PHC mycorrhizae, beneficial bacteria and Fulvic acid. Marcel of course could not agree more with Pedro.

Afterwards the visit continued to Ayoó de Vidriales the ‘Operation CO2’ plot in Zamora. Here the vetches were harvested. In zone A treated with 100% PHC there was an average high harvest of 3000 kg per ha but in certain spots it was even up to 5000 kg per ha. The control zone C had a much worse yield of less than half. In each zone A, B and C the usual pit holes of 2 meter deep were dug to enable to see the root development and compare them. In zone A the roots were very abundant till almost 1 meter deep while in zone C they stopped to be abundant at 50 centimetres. The maximum reach in zone A is 1,80 meter while this was less than a meter in zone C. Pedro is again very excited about the results. He explains to Marcel that he is looking forward to do the next trials this year with mycorrhizae, bacteria and fulvic acid. He now knows exactly how he wants to apply them since he learned a lot in the last 3 years of the Life project. Marcel agrees and explains that in Belgium and the Netherlands PHC is doing the same type of trials.

Finally, Pedro takes Marcel, Juan Pablo and Pedro Aguado to visit 3 fields that are treated with PHC products like in the Life project. The best way to disseminate the positive and promising results in Ayoo is to replicate with a few farmers the system on their own land under strict supervision by Pedro Alonso. The first results on spring crops like corn are clearly visible. Marcel and Pedro agree that for next year very likely the same results can be expected on the winter crops in Ayoo de Vidriales. As always Pedro and his team will keep a very close eye on all the trials inside the Life project and the ones related to it.

Interview with Marcel de Jong from PHC.