Networking event for LIFE projects promoting sustainable forest management

07.07.2016 By: Transfer Consultancy

On Tuesday, 5th of July, representatives of the LIFE projects MONTSERRAT, LIFE OPERACIÓN CO2 and the recently started GREEN LINK met at the premises of CREAF to discuss common approaches

The project teams sought areas of potential collaboration so that the knowledge generated in the past years through the LIFE MONTSERRAT AND LIFE OPERATION CO2 projects could be put to good use and guide future endeavors, and to find synergies for possible partnerships with the objective of restoring land areas using the method tested through THE GREEN LINK.

LIFE MONTSERRAT LIFE13 BIO/ES/094 designed a management plan to increase stability and forest resilience against fires, as well as to foment connections between different parts of the network Natura 2000 through a landscape design on the Mountain of Monsterrat.  

LIFE OPERATION CO2 LIFE11 ENV/ES/535 designed  an integral agroforestry conservation system which was implemented in the Mountain of Alinyà. The project also sought to promote carbon sequestration in natural forests, obtaining the certification of carbon credits and which will consequently lead to the release to the voluntary market of carbon offsets.

LIFE THE GREEN LINK LIFE15 CCA/ES/125 will contribute to the development of effective adaptation strategies in the Mediterranean region, testing an innovative method to plant trees in desertified areas. This method entails replacing traditional irrigation techniques with the Cocoon, a low-cost, biodegradable water-box.

Below, LIFE MONTSERRAT’s Technical Coordinator, Leire Miñambres, is showing us a map where we can see the specific areas of project. These areas could potentially benefit from further interventions to foment the restoration of open spaces, promote connectivity in the Natura 2000 network and improve the landscape.

In the photographs, you can see Leire Miñambres from Diputación de Barcelona (LIFE MONTSERRAT); Vicenç Carabassa from CREAF (THE GREEN LINK) and Kathy Franco from Transfer Consultancy (LIFE OPERATION CO2).