Networking between LIFE projects during the Final conference of Integral Carbon

05.12.2016 By: Transfer Consultancy

Last Thursday first of December 2016, the final conferece of  Integral Carbon project was held in Bilbao.

Representatives from other Life projects, companies dealing with the environment and waste management, and numerous farmers and ranchers were brought together at the event, organised by Life Integral Carbon ​(LIFE13 ENV/ES/001251 Development and global enfrocement of GHG capture photobioreactors in agroindustrial activities.). To see the program of the day click here.

The team that carried out this project made a presentation of the work they have done over these three years on the implementation and demonstration of GHG capture in agroindustrial activities, its fixation in algal biomass and its subsequent agronomic application as a source of plant nutrients and carbon sink, seeking a methodology to reduce the carbon footprint associated with the agricultural and food sector.

Dr. Luis Fernando Sánchez of UVA was the representative of Operation CO2 project as a speaker.

During the day, a round table discussion of Life Projects was held, in which representatives of REGADIOX (LIFE12 ENV/ES/000426)Operation CO2 (LIFE11 ENV/ES/000535) and ANADRY (LIFE14 ENV/ES/000524) participated as speakers and moderatorsThe different themes and mechanisms that have been used to address the environmental problems to be solved were discussed. Particularly interesting were the contributions on circular economy, methodologies to reduce the carbon footprint in agriculture and the use of new applied technologies, as a fundamental tool for the revitalization of the sector.