Networking between LIFE projects

22.11.2016 By: Transfer Consultancy

Representative of LIFE15 CCA/DE/072 AgriAdapt project in Spain, Vanessa Sánchez Ortega from Fundación Global Nature, has assisted to the Carbon Experts Meeting in Barcelona. There, the opportunity was given to start a networking activity between LIFE projects. The common interests are focused on reducing the environmental impact and improving the farming systems which must adapt to a changing climate.

The recent project LIFE15 AgriAdapt - 'Sustainable adaptation of typical EU farming systems to climate change', was inaugurated in September 2016. The overall objective of this project is to demonstrate that three of the most important farming systems in the EU (livestock, arable and permanent crops) will become more climate-resilient through the implementation of feasi ble adaptation measures which also have positive crosscutting environmental benefits.

While the project LIFE11 Operation CO2 - 'Integrated agroforestry practices and nature conservation against climate change' , was inaugurated in September 2012. It aims to demonstrate economic viability through the conservation and management of forest and agroforestry systems in Europe, thus extending the green economy as an alternative for future development.

Representatives from both projects will continue exchanging experiences, lessons learned and planning future visits to the demonstration areas.
In the picture, Sven Kallen (Transfer Consultancy) and Vanessa Sánchez (Fundación Global Nature).