Monitoring visit from EU officers

29.04.2016 By: Transfer

As part of the monitoring and control actions of the project, participants meet each semester to evaluate results and analyse the evolution of the actions.

On the 26 and 27 of April 2016, we had the ninth official monitoring meeting and we received the annual visit from the monitor and technical officer from NEEMO/Idom, who, on behalf of the tutors of the LIFE programe of the European Union, conducted a general review of the project.

The meeting took place at the demonstration site in Ayoó de Vidriales, and was attended by Ms. Estibalíz Gabilondo, monitor of the project, and Mr. Santiago Urquijo, technical officer. The attendees were received by the mayor of Ayoó, Mr. David Martínez, who highlighted the importance of this project given that “the regeneration of abandoned land in productive areas through an agroforestry model can constitute an important economic impulse”

After the meeting, the group visited the trial site to witness “in situ” the development of the agroforestry model. According to the developers, “the trees showed good growth and the rye planted on the corridors looked strong”. In the trial area we can see how differences in growth rate correlate with the amount of mycorrhizas applied, indicating that dry abandoned lands can be converted into profitable fields.