Monitoring the land preparation in San Mateo

16.11.2012 By: Transfer LBC

The teams of FSG, Beral, Edena, PHC and Transfer monitored preparation of the land before planting the cover corps.






They inspected if  the work was carried out properly, if it was carried out according to the plan and and if it was done at the pre-planned dates.
During the monitoring, the PHC team noticed that in the field there are clearly two types of soil: alive and dead.





Soil that is alive shows an certain ease and smoothness, which is a characteristic of soil containing decaying organic. This is cake-shaped soil with organic matter stored for about two years.

A dead ground is a clear example of the consequences of inappropriate land use. This could be caused by, for example, excessive use of chemicals to control bad herbs and pests. The photo on the right shows two soil samples, on the left one can find a sample of  good soil; loose and with decaying organic matter.

The project aims to demonstrate that this dead soil can be reactivated with appropriate care and management.