Monitoring of green covers in San Mateo 2015

13.08.2015 By: Transfer LBC and EDENA

As part of the follow-up of the agricultural plantations of 2014-2015, the team of EDENA monitors the entire farm during the month of June and obtained the results of harvests:

Click here to find an example of a harvesting process of two years ago.

Green covers  (Alfalfa and esparceta)

Green covers have not been harvested: the high content of weeds (such as: ´´brown grass´´, is indigestible for the livestock); and areas of low cultivation density, resulted in poor or failed harvests. Therefore it was decided to not collect the harvest.

An estimation of yield was made only in some plots:

Estimate of the potential yields of Alfalfa in the area of almendros.

Sampling points for the estimated yield of the  alfalfa. Sampling of the points for the yield of the alfalfa.

The same procedure was carried out in the area consisting of olive trees.

Estimate of potential yields of alfalfa in the Olivos/olive area.

ESPARCETA (Onobrychis viciifolia)

The field test that was carried out on the plot of esparceta, which was sown during autumn, in 2013, but not for esparceta sowed during the autumn of the year 2014 because it was completely unproductive. 

For the cultivation of the esparceta the same procedures were carried out.

Estimate of potential yields of Esparceta in the area of the Pistachio trees.


Sampling points for the estimated yield of the esparceta. Sampling points for the yield of the esparceta.

Data from the sowings of vetch+oats in the areas A, B and C.

Approximately 120 kg./Ha. of vetch and 15/kg/Ha. of oats have been sown