Local awareness visit to Ayoó de Vidriales

04.12.2013 By: Transfer LBC

On the 4th of December, Transfer (Sven Kallen) has visited the plots of Congosta (Ayoó de Vidriales) in Zamora together with possible investors who have shown serious interest in the plans of the agroforestry system. The work preparation of the land and the sowing of grains (furrows) as well as the preparations for planting the trees have been highly appreciated.
The Mayor of Ayoó came together with one of his councilors and has shared with us his opinion of the project and the importance it has for the region.
(Please be aware of the fact that the video below is only available in Spanish)

Additionally, they commented about the possible involvement of the city council during the Technical Seminar which has been schedules for the 21st of  March 2014. Both the Mayor and the councilor confirmed their interest by the consistory to cooperate in the program and also offered to invite mayors of other towns and institutions in the region.