Local awareness activities in Frómista-VIDEO

05.05.2015 By: Beral

On Wednesday, April 29, the Mayor of the town Frómista, Fernando Díez Mediavilla, together with Vice Mayor Dionisio Montes Villameriel, planted almond trees on an emblematic spot next to the information centre, entering the town through the Camino de Santiago. The planting was done by the Fundación San Cebrián, where professionals and disabled people work together on social projects. For instance, they work on greening this beautiful town, which is visited by more than 100.000 pilgrims every year and by the same number of tourists who visit the 3 world famous Romanic Churches in town. 

Life dissemination manager and technical coordinator Egbert Sonneveld in the projects ‘The Green Deserts’ and ‘Operation CO2’, had arranged this trial in order to show the excellent results of the different tools developed in the two projects. Fernando and Dionisio are very sceptical about the survival of the trees, since the soil is extremely high in clay and this spot is an old dump of an old building that was destroyed some time ago. After seeing the tools, Egbert convinced them that the combination of the Waterboxx (Groasis), the mycorrhizae and the Biovin (PlantHealthCure) and the excellent plant material (Viveros Fuenteamarga) will do the job. On June 5, a visit to the spot is planned with children from a school in Frómista.

Fernando and the Fundación San Cebrián are familiar with the Life Nature projects. They were delighted to see this interest from other Life projects and are more than prepared to collaborate in any other future project that we would like to propose. Fernando explained that almost all visitors to the town have a very special interest in healthy production systems, in which sustainability occupies a central spot.

In the following video you can see an interview with Fernando Díez..