Italian fertiliser project to hold final conference 27 March 2015, Turin, Italy

23.03.2015 By: Environment LIFE News

The final conference of the LIFE project, UNIZEO (LIFE10 ENV/IT/000347), will be held on 27 March 2015, at the Scuole Salesiane di Lombriasco (S.Giovanni Bosco, 5) in Turin. The UNIZEO project aims to demonstrate that coating urea-based nitrogen fertilizer granules with zeolite is a technically and economically viable technology to allow the slow release of fertilizer and significantly reduce the release of unused nitrates into the environment. It has developed fertilisers that reduce the amount of pollution of surface water, aquifers and air. It also tested these fertilisers on a large scale in Piedmont and Lombardy, yielding excellent results.

The conference will begin with a presentation of the project's main results followed by presentations from project partners, Minerali Industriali and Medilabor. Two Spanish LIFE projects that also addressed the environmental performance of agriculture - Crops for Better Soil (LIFE10 ENV/ES/000471) and Operation CO2 (LIFE11 ENV/ES/000535) - will also give presentations. The half-day conference will conclude with a round table discussion.

Urea-based nitrogen fertilisers are widely used in agriculture despite their negative impact on groundwater and air quality due to the release of the nitrogen not consumed by the plant. Participation is free though space is limited. To register, email Visit the UNIZEO website for more information. For more information about the Spanish LIFE projects, visit their respective websites: Crops for Better Soil & Operation CO2.

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