Invitation to a field trip in Ayoó de Vidriales

09.04.2015 By: Transfer LBC

In the framework of the activities planned by the Foro Agrario "Organic production: what we know and what we should know", where soil improvement is key in all sessions and also part of the work being carried out in the LIFE projects Operation CO2 and Crops for Better Soil , there is an interesting opportunity for collaboration among them. Together they have organized a field trip to Ayoó de Vidriales (Zamora), next April 17.

Both projects fall under the LIFE + program of the European Union and aim to demonstrate soil improvement through sustainable agricultural practices, combining forest with agricultural plants, cultivating with furrows and avoiding the use of chemicals.

A bus with up to fifty seats is at your disposal to travel from Madrid to the municipality of Ayoó de Vidriales, in the province of Zamora, to contemplate in situ the interesting experiences these European projects are developing.

You can download the invitation and program of the day in this link.

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