Introducing fungi in agroforestral system

16.10.2013 By: Transfer LBC

Beral and Transfer representatives visited ID Forest in Baños de Venta, near Palencia, to learn about the role of fungi and mycorrhizas in trees and their important economic and ecological value. The general director of ID Forest, Jaime Olaizola, explains that his company specializes in fungi, mainly with two aims. Firstly, they can help roots grow and make trees become stronger. Secondly, they can colonize the area around trees to produce fungi such as boletus, mushrooms and truffles. Thanks to ID Forest’s products, the growth of these fungi can significantly accelerate and strengthen the trees to protect them against plagues, which explains why the owners and managers of forests are very interested in the company’s products.

In the framework of the Operación CO2 project, two participants subcontract this specialist in applied forest biotechnology. To begin with, ID Forest provides the necessary products to mycorrhize the trees that Viveros Fuenteamarga currently produces. It also analyzes the growth of roots at the microscopic and DNA levels for Plant Health Care in the Netherlands.