International stakeholders visited the project area at Ayoó-video

03.04.2015 By: Beral

Dick van den Bergh is a Wageningen expert on water management working on a global scale for international organisations like the United Nations and the Worldbank, among others. Together with his wife Ellen de Heus they have decided to change their base in Rotterdam for a small farm in the countryside in Portugal just across the border with Spain in Badajoz. They are especially interested in the organic multicrop production that we are practising in Zamora. They have followed a permaculture course. They visited Ayoó with another 2 young enthusiastic persons: José Palhinha and Joy Pengel. The family of José owns a 600 ha property in the Algarve near Viladeobisco and Joy is a Wageningen landscape architecture student doing a project on this same property.

Pedro Alonso and Egbert Sonneveld from Beral were more than happy to show the four around explaining the extraordinary results obtained after less than 3 years of project. Pedro explained the differences between zone A, B and C and how we achieved those results. Dick was amazed that in such a short time the very hard horizons at less than 20 cm were penetrated with wheat roots and that it was demonstrated that the roots have had a lot more symbiosis with mycorrhizae, bacteria and humic acid than the ones on the control plot that did not get these results. José was amazed by the large number of plants inoculated with ecto mycorrhizae to produce wild mushrooms like the boletus and the lactarius deliciosous with a very high added value. We could also appreciate the mother dog with the 2 puppies walking lose on the plot. The almond trees are not attacked by the deers anymore! We have seen however a heavy caterpillar attack on the trees. Pedro instructed Tina (a local employee) to control the plague manually and of course not chemically.

Our friends left with a lot of knowledge and very excited about the visit. Pedro also offered to keep advising them on specific questions that they might have in the future.

Below you can see two videos. Dick (first video) and José (second video) share with us his impressions on the project activities.