International conference in ChengDu-China

08.10.2015 By: PHC

Marcel de Jong was keynote speaker for more than 500 participants on the ‘2015 Annual Meeting of Members of China Funeral Association (Cemetery)’ on July 25 in Cheng Du, China.

In his presentation ‘The Application of Environmental Technology in Cemetery Green’ he explained the philosophy of Plant Health Cure and the importance of a living soil to meet the core needs of plants. In the following step he presented several examples of PHC treatments on trees, turf, flowers and greens.

Finally he finest with the results of ‘Reclaim the “Lost soils” of Castilla e Léon within 5 years’. Starting at the beginning in 2012 followed by the results up to the production and root depth in 2015 to end up with a five-minute reportage of ‘regreening the planet’ about the Life project ‘Operations CO2’ in Zamora.

To see the programme please click here.

To see part of the presentation please click here.